hearing aids


We are for providing hearing aids has a good affiliation with 05 (five) disabled and deaf personas organization registered with the Social affairs ministry of Bangladesh Government they are as follows 

  • Socio-economic Development Association for Disabled, SEDAD, Dhaka, registered under the NGO affairs Bureau of Bangladesh Government.
  • and,  Disabled Women Development Organization, DWDO, Dhaka

 under the NGO affairs Bureau .

  • additionaly, Protibondhi Kollyan Somiti, PKS, Jessore under the Social Welfare ministry of Bangladesh Government.
  • also, Magura Women Disabled Organization, DMWDO, Magura.

Registered under the Social Welfare ministry.

  • finally, Uttaran Protibondhi Songstha, UPS, Dinajpur.

Registered with the Social Welfare ministry.

Referral Network : If medical treatment is indicated as necessary by the results of the hearing evaluation for hearing aids, clients are referred to appropriate medical professionals for examination and treatment.

We have a referral network of professionals who help in other aspects of communication disorders, such as speech-language pathologists, specialists in education of the deaf and hard of hearing, and public and private agencies serving the needs of hard of hearing individuals of all ages.

Some hearing losses are preventable. With the best example of preventable hearing loss is exposure to damaging sound levels. Prevention is accomplished through the use of adequate hearing protection and avoidance of situations that would potentially cause hearing loss. Also, Years ago, occupational hearing loss was one of the most common causes of hearing difficulties. Today, the most frequent sources of damaging noise levels are societal and recreational rather than industrial. Finally, The increased noise of urban environments from heavy vehicular traffic, extremely loud music, recreational shooting of firearms, and noisy power equipment such as chain saws, leaf blowers and other power tools all contribute to preventable hearing loss.

Hearing loss that is not preventable results from changes in our health conditions, such as cardiovascular changes due to aging, inherited conditions such as familial history of hearing loss, the administration of powerful ototoxic drugs, and other traumatic events such as accidents that injure the ear.