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Abid Hearing Care Centre : Head Office Uttara

Oasis Complex, House-59, Sonargaon Janapath Road (1st floor), Sector-7, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh

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AHCC opened for hearing aid providing

Abid Hearing Care Centre opened in 2014 with the goal of providing state-of-the-art comprehensive hearing healthcare services to the people of all ages. Our specialists are fully experienced, skilled & trained of Clinical Competence in Audiology and Hearing Aids Specialist . Additionally, Abid Hearing care centre (AHCC) is Wide range of Hearing Aid Provider and Service Centre in Bangladesh.

hearing aids

All kinds of hearing aids

  • All kind of Hearing tests and Hearing aids.

  • and, Real products in real price.
  • and, All kind of hearing aids.
  • and, Home service is also available in Bangladesh.
  • and, Comprehensive hearing evaluations.
  • and, Hearing aid evaluations and fittings.
  • additionally, Hearing aid repairs, batteries, and supplies.
  • also, Industrial hearing screenings and testing.
  • also, Custom hearing protection and swimmer’s ear plugs.
  • additionally, Custom musician ear plugs and ear pieces for audio equipments.
  • finally, Assistive listening devices and wireless listening technology.

The main goal of Abid Hearing Care Centre has always been to make people feeling comfortable transitioning into better hearing. Providing 360 degree hearing solutions by an expert team providing Tele-Audiology services throughout Bangladesh.

At Abid Hearing Care Centre, we offer exceptional, customized services from caring and compassionate experts. You will experience unequalled levels of care and have access to only the highest quality of products and services in a personalized, family-oriented environment.

Hearing aids Service available here

They are adjusted individually using a sophisticated computer fitting system. Additionally, This provides the precise fitting of amplification needed to compensate for each person’s hearing loss and lifestyle.

Also, 100% Digital Hearing Aids : The most advanced hearing instruments today feature 100% digital signal processing amplifiers and twin core technology, permitting fully automatic control of hearing aid performance in a wide variety of listening conditions. Additionally, Hearing aid features may include multiple frequency bands and programs, surely, directional microphones, background noise reduction and more. Also,  Benefits to users include clearer, more natural sound and the ability to hear and understand speech in difficult environments.