Managing Director and Hearing Aid Specialist

Mohammad Haidar Ali

Director and Hearing Aid Specialist

Md. Sowkot Hossain

Director and Hearing Aid Specialist

Md. Solaiman Hossain Sentu

About Mohammad Haidar Ali (Hearing Aids Specialist)

Mohammad Haidar Ali has over 14 years of experience in hearing and hearing disorders, scientific and clinical research, and applications related to acoustics, broadcast and recording technologies. In 2005, Mohammad Haidar Ali decided to open a private hearing aids care centre in his hometown Dhaka of Bangladesh with the goal of providing personalized and caring services for people with hearing loss.

Mohammad Haidar Ali has a lot of experiences in the hearing aid devices for 14 years, he is a skilled specialist and technical consultant to the audiology program and communication disorders. He has also worked with people who were profoundly deaf and receiving cochlear implants.

He is also a technical expert trainer for Frye Electronics, a manufacturer of hearing aid test systems, and was an advanced technology consultant to Hearing Instruments.

When Mohammad Haidar Ali opened Abid Hearing Care Centre, his partners provide him with a lot of support and encouraged him for good luck. Not only has Abid Hearing Care Centre thrived for the past years, but scores a good number of well-wishers and can be found throughout the whole office interspersed among his collection of antique hearing aids.

Abid Hearing Care Centre has 9 full time and 12 part time staffs. The following  Four persons are the key staffs of AHCC:

Head of HR           : Md. Abu Bakar.

HR Manager          : Md. Abdul Rahim.

Head of Finance    : Md. Rukun Uddin. 

Head of Marketing: Md. Jaker Hossin Raju.

Marketing Officer: Md. Rezaul Karim

Marketing Officer: Md. Abul Kalam Azad